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  • I read somewhere that if you bill hourly, you will be making less money for the same project the better you are at doing it (because you get faster as well as better). That definitely resonated with me, and that’s when I gave up charging by the hour. smiley

    I have a set baseline price for an informational website (MODx site) that covers everything a small business usually needs, including unlimited imported pages, contact form, and gallery or search box. More specifically, I have three baseline prices - one for a template-based or pre-designed site, one for a custom design with standard graphic design, and one for a high-end design. This is the smallest type of website I offer, and the prices are based on the market rate. If I go a couple weeks without landing a project, I lower them. If I get a big waiting list, I raise them. As my portfolio improves, I’ve been slowly raising the base price over time for new clients.

    Anything that needs to be added on (login system, an extra contact form, etc...) is added on top of the base price. I base the "addon" estimates somewhat on time - so yes, I do have a rough hourly (or more often daily) rate in my head, but this is usually based on how much the base site costs at the time and how long the component takes to add compared to the time I take on the base site. Then, I just round to the nearest $50.

    I know this seems very haphazard, but my prices (and client flow) actually stay very stable for a few months at a time. Considering that I am still very new to freelancing and that my prices have to go up anyways as my portfolio grows, I think this is a pretty good system so far.

    Anyone else here have a project-based or market-based rate?
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    • Quote from: Oleg at Mar 12, 2011, 01:58 AM

      Anyone else here have a project-based or market-based rate?

      i do. when i try to build a specification for the client i follow the time spent for previous proj of the same kind.
      sometimes I am lucky with specification when client is fair. but when client try to get something more which is far from specified descr. i am in trouble because if the client does not agree to pay extra for extra time /work then client disagrees to pay the balance due >:(
      in this case neither client is happy with time no me with the project price

      another nagative issue is that most of the clients started to clain a private work - they ask me never include thair websites to my porfolio.
      client does not get another link to own website, developer does not get updated portfolio, unfortunatelly.

      To summarise: modx development can / should be outsourted without any trouble by hourly rate or project spec. Extra work should be paid, please.
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      • Sounds like you’re not being respected by your clients... I found out that saying "no" and being honest upfront about possible issues (in my case that usually has to do with setting a proper deadline due to school commitments..) makes them realize that there is a limit on what is possible - as we’re all human smiley

        Whenever a client requests something that was not in the specs, I tell them it was not included and will be billed additionally at my hourly rate and an estimate of the hours to be spend. If they don’t agree with that, I don’t do the extra work, and if they do, they know what they can expect on the final invoice smiley

        When I ran a web agency with a friend (who would do the design) we had a clause in the general conditions that said we have the right to share the project in our portfolio, and if they didn’t want that to happen (for whatever mystical reason..) it would be possible to pay us a fee to not include it. We never actually issued a fee for that, but by having it in your general conditions you are backed up and can decide on a per case basis whether or not you want to charge that fee. Right now I’m only doing development, and it’s a bit more tricky to make a portfolio of front-end development, which is why I’m asking for recommendations on LinkedIn whenever I finish a project. Slowly that will become my portfolio, with a few MODX addons sprinkled on top. smiley
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        • Quote from: Mark at Mar 12, 2011, 12:37 PM

          Sounds like you’re not being respected by your clients...
          may be but they keep saying: "i like you, you r hardworker, plz help me and i will give more work very soon.. plz plz.." or "i am happy when you are happy with working for me.. plz let me know when you’r not satisfied with payment and i will make extra payment..."
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