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    Hi i need to create somesort of users search feature - I have been informed it needs to be an extension of the peoples snippet perhaps.

    I can offer $100 - either to an individual or if they choose i will donate to modx.

    Basically - i want a site adminstrator to be able to search users extended field data. if they or a number of users fulfil the required criteria it will return that users data in a template. - which can then be downloaded in pdf templateed form.

    this is an example of a users extended field data; - however there are more fields to be added.


    i need to be able to search a number of different ways - search for string - and search via form - drop downs and checkboxes - i just need the basis - so i can then extend upon this -

    - i would also like this to be freely available to the modx community to use.

    This isn’t a rush project - dont need it for a couple of months.

    Many thanks, T.