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    Hi there,

    I’m interested in engaging a Revo developer to create a visual internal linking solution between an RTE and the MODX resource tree - essentially allowing point and click selection of resources to create internal links after clicking the "Browse" link in TinyMCE.

    I appreciate that Revo supports drag & drop from the left Resource Tree but this fails miserably in all browsers I’ve tested with RTE editing. I’m after a more robust solution similar to the way the asset browser is hooked in to RTEs.

    Ideally this will be RTE agnostic, simply providing a popup Resource browser that provides the internal link ID ([[~1]]) back to the RTE. To my mind this is just using the existing Resource Tree ExtJS implementation from within a lightbox, but I’d be interested in learning about alternative implementation methods. The implementation would have to work with TinyMCE.

    * Start time - depends on duration estimate
    * Duration - this should be a relatively simple project for an experienced extJS / Modx dev, but feel free to submit whatever you think is reasonable
    * Payment terms - negotiable but fixed rate
    * IP ownership - happy for this to be contributed back to the community as it seems like such an obvious missing link (sorry couldnt resist the pun :p)
    * Latest version of Revo

    Feel free to PM for further details or reply to this thread. Quite happy to keep the discussion open and public.