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  • Hello,

    I’m looking for someone that will be able to transfer one MODx site in it’s entirety to another server (on godaddy). The db size is a bit under 1.5MB.

    Here’s the great part though:

    • ALL of the files have been copied over exactly as they were before already (I turned off Friendly URLS first as suggested in manual first)
    • I created a Database on GoDaddy servers that has remote access
    • Both servers have Shell Access enabled

    I’m just having troubles getting the database copied over, and would rather it get done quickly by someone who’s done this before. The only problem I foresee is that there isn’t a domain associated with the account right now so you may have to temporarily associate one of yours with it to make sure it works before the switch is made.

    Once it’s on the new server and properly functioning, I’ll update the domain to point to new server. It is the same domain as it’s currently.

    Budget: $75
    If this is unreasonable let me know, sense everything is copied over but db, I am thinking it’ll be quick and easy.

    Timeline: A few days would be great - tonight would be wonderful.

    Please let me know if you need additional information, and thank you for your time.
    • I would gladly assist in a move like this, if it hadn’t been to a godaddy host...

      I don’t have a lot of experience with them myself, but it just never seems to go just right with them due to odd configuration.

      Just FYI, and for anyone who is going to take on this job:

      Also, on a shared hosting plan I host a few sites on, there’s safe_mode being enabled until a domain name has been associated with it which prevents the installer from completing properly. And I don’t think it’s fair to ask people assisting you to bring in a domain of their own to test it until it works properly.

      Just my $0.02.
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      • Assuming that you’ve installed the exact same version of MODx on the new site, it’s just a matter of going into PhpMyAdmin via cPanel on the old site and exporting the DB to an SQL file, then doing the same thing at the new site, but *importing* that SQL file (after creating the MODx DB and a user for it with full rights).

        To install, then, just edit the config.inc.php file to enter the DB name, user, and password and run the MODx install.

        Being that it’s GoDaddy, that may or may not result in a usable site, though. wink
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        • Thank you for all the information! Wow...this sounds like a headache in the making.

          Unfortunately, this lady I’m doing this for bought like 3 years of hosting with GoDaddy... huh I think what I’ll try is using GoDaddy’s MODx install script, and then import the old assets and database into the new database that installer creates. What do you think, would this work? I haven’t made any major changes to the install, just a bunch of content/templates.
          If it won’t work, I can tell her that. I just need specific reasons why to tell her. Any input in that regard is much appreciated.

          Yes, I suppose it is unfair to ask someone to use their own domain. I was thinking that the IP could be used in conjunction with the username to view the site w/o a domain, but I wasn’t sure if this was possible on GD which is why I put that. A better thing to say would have been "I can provide a domain for your use if needed" smiley
          • Using the GD MODx install script may work, but it may not if the version they install is different from the one you have.

            If the site is not too large. I think I would cut and paste the resources and templates into the GD install rather than importing the DB, assuming that it’s at least the same general version of MODx as the one you have (Evolution or Revolution).

            Any files in or under the assets directory can generally be transferred at will from any version without causing any trouble.
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              Bob's Guides is now hosted at A2 MODX Hosting
            • Okay, yeah it’s around 100 resources, so, maybe using GD’s install and pasting will be the best option (they are both revo). I wanted to avoid that as I remember in different areas linking to certain resource numbers throughout, and it’ll be a pain to go through everything again. But I can’t imagine it taking more than a few hours to do it all anyways. Besides, it’ll give me a chance to make it better based on what I’ve learned from this project.

              Thank you for the suggestion, if getting it copied over fails much beyond what it has thus far, that’ll be my solution.

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