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    Anticipated Start Time:
    If approved by client 3 days to 1 week would be ideal but can be flexible.

    Anticipated Job Duration:
    Unknown, please advise.

    Budget Constraints
    As duration is unknown, please advise. Around 150-200USD maybe?

    Payment Terms:
    50% Deposit & 50% Completition

    IP ownership constraints (e.g., can the work be donated back to the community)
    Yes! Yes! Yes! I’d be very happy for this to be donated back to the community in addition to paying the developer.

    I’m looking for someone to help me integrate (at a basic level) phpScheduleIt (http://www.php.brickhost.com/) into ModX Evo 1.0.4. When I say basic, the only requirement is that a ModX Webuser can login to phpScheduleIt using the same username and password as they do for ModX. It doesn’t have to be a single sign on if it makes things easier and I’ve managed to create hack this plugin (http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php?topic=25087.80) to create the user but then realised I was well out of my depth (I didn’t even take into account password changes and deleting users from ModX and how that would be dealt with by phpScheduleIt).

    The ModX site uses WebLoginPE. Both sites are on the same server and all tables are (but don’t have to be) in the same DB.
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      Hi Mark,
      Long time no see/speak! Did you get anyone to do this, in the end?