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  • Hello Everyone.

    I am looking for someone with an expertise in databases who also knows how to set them up in MODX. Understanding of microsoft access would also be useful, as that is the program which the data is stored in.

    The job will require the loading and setup of the database information onto the website with a range of search options for user to access the files, which is not too difficult.

    The complicated part will be automated calculations using the database, where users put in a value, select the relevant data entry in the database and an output value is calculated. There will also need to be the facility to do this several times and add the generated values together.

    The project is quite unique, and potentially complex, however the facility and relationships between tables and entries required are mostly setup in the database currently running in access.

    Though I know what is required, I do not have the expertise to implement onto my website, so am looking for someone with extensive knowledge of databases and how to implement them online.

    The time scale of the job I cannot say, as i have no experience of this myself, so will have to discuss this in more detail. When I have gone through the details of what I require, it should give a better idea of how long it may take. The job can be spread over an extended period to fit in around other work as required

    The payment involved will also relate to the time to implement.

    I will provide more information about the job upon application. The exact details need to be kept confidential at this time.

    All enquirers will be appreciated

    many thanks

    • Hi,

      I would be interested in more details about the project. Please contact me: websitezen.com/contact.

      - Oleg

        WebsiteZen.com - MODX and E-Commerce web development in the San Francisco Bay Area
      • It would help to know what version of MODx you will be running (Evolution or Revolution).
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        • Hello Richard,

          My company partner and I would be interested in the database project. We would like to see if it is still available? Would you be able to send out the project information so we could asses the requirements and budget.

          Thank you
          Jeff Darst