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  • It’s been perfect lately: warm and sunny during the day, cooler and not humid at night.
    My tan is getting better every day.

    This is the perfect time in Thailand.

    Here are some more pix.
    • Oh...
        modx and ecommerce pro
      • My brother is just back from 8 months in Thailand and is hoping to relocate there after a few months back home to start a new life with his local girlfriend. Have been on to him to retrain in web design & MODx (he’s in tech-support right now) and told him that it could be a way to combine a great lifestyle with decent work. Must show him your post straight away to make my point!! smiley
        • Absolutely,

          with web or SEM skills one can live absolutely anywhere where an internet connection reaches.
          Now i got an ADSL and a broadbank Satellite for the backup. We’re connected and can take projects from anywhere in the world.

          • Maybe we should open our own Thailand Club ... ;-)
            • Do not mind at all))

              Why not open mODx Christmas club in Russia?!
                modx and ecommerce pro
              • Currently working on a Modx project, but having problems moving the installation to another server. I could really need some professional assistance - would you be interested?

                Live in Bangok

                Best Regards

                • Links to the images don't seem to work?
                  • All good things must come to an end and so did our beach adventure. We sold the guest house and moved back to the big city. I do miss it and hope will be able to do something like that again.

                    Thanks for all who responded and came for a visit.