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  • I am newbie in Modex and having problem with new version of Modex 1.0.5 where I have created a Template variable field and using this field on the dateSource field for the Reflect snippet, but not working on this version of Modex 1.0.5 but use to work on lover version. this page is taking to the some how wrong archive to 1970.

    by the way only "createdon" working as default date but not "pub_date" or "editedon". but i want to set as as a template variable "optDate"
    here is my Reflect snippet

     [!Reflect? &getDocuments=`1`  &filter=`hidemenu,0` config=`wordpress` &targetID=`67` &dittoSnippetParameters=`parents:6`&id=`wp` &dateSource=`optDate` &dateFormat=`%e %B` &monthSortDir=`DESC`!]

    If any one could give some idea would be great. Thanks in advanced. smiley