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    I am attempting to understand MODx ACLs from the ground up. I have started this thread to try and create a map for users (such as myself) to get things up and running and attempt to possibly point out some inconsistencies in documentation. I would like to point out again this is not meant as any offence at all to any person, and/or documentation, official or otherwise - I love all you guys smiley

    This is post one, point one...

    I like many others have been reading through bobsguide to permissions, link in Referenced URLs.

    Access Control Lists
    Note: Before messing with Permissions, check the setting of the allow_root System Setting in System | System Settings. It determines whether users can create Documents in the site root and it overrides any other security settings. You can spend a lot of time trying to figure out why your users can’t create documents if allow_root is set to "No."


    Does not exist...


    Seems to have taken its place, however... according to the documentation (link in Ref’d URLs) it has been deprecated and now is covered by

    I shall edit this post when I have uncovered what exactly "new_document_in_root" is, how to access it etc (via, Administrator Policy)...
    Security->Access Controls->AdministratorTemplate

    I’m doing this in baby steps, please bear with me. wink

    Reference URLs;
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      Good catch. That’s been moved from a System Setting to a permission (where it belongs).

      I thought I had updated that at Bob’s guides, but apparently not.

      [update] The rtfm reference has been updated. I removed that paragraph at Bob’s Guides because the permission is granted by default. Thanks again for the feedback!
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        Thank you BobRay!

        Heres another quick heads up re management back end. I’ll add things as I find them wink

        Manager -> Security -> Access Controls -> Policy Templates (tab) >> Right-Click an entry -> Help!

        Results in a 404.

        Fixed: by splittingred http://rtfm.modx.com/display/revolution20/PolicyTemplates

        Hope I’m not annoying anyone with my comments. Apparently, I’m not. This is good. smiley
        • No barrd, please keep them coming! ACLs are one of the most confusing aspects for users of Revo, and we definitely need improved documentation in RTFM.
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