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  • Whenever I hit a link to view the documentation that supports Revolution, I am brought to a login page. When I enter my standard MODx credentials however (the same ones I use to log into the forums), I am get a message that my User Name or Password is incorrect. Can someone please let me know what is going on here?

    Thanks much.
    • What browser are you on, and what page are you trying to access?
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      • I am using Firefox.

        Here is the page I am trying to access: http://svn.modxcms.com/docs/display/revolution/MODx+Revolution

        This link appears in the ’The Revolution Starts Now’ Forum posting put up by ’rthrash’. If I click the link, a page with the Revolution documentation loads for maybe 1-second, and then it is automatically replaced by the following login page: http://rtfm.modx.com/login.action?os_destination=%2Fdisplay%2Frevolution%2FMODx%2BRevolution.

        If I enter my MODx credentials in the login fields, I just get an error indicating that the user name or password is incorrect. It turns out that I can actually access the Revolution documentation via the support links in an installed instance of Revolution, but I was just curious what is going on when I try to access the documentation via links on the MODx website.

        Thanks much.
          • shaun mccormick | bigcommerce mgr of software engineering, former modx co-architect | github | splittingred.com
          • Thanks.
            • The problem does appear to affect firefox. I’ve tried using chrome, opera and ie. No issue. (win xp)

              The issue is in the Revolution manager help as well.
              If you are using the modx manager with firefox and then say click system > contexts and then help.

              Their is a flash of the document help section and then it goes to a login panel. It does not accept credentials as pointed out above.

              This problem does not occur with chrome, opera and ie.

              • Interesting. If I try the svn URL with FF (Mac) I am redirected to the login form. Trying the same URL in Safari I get redirected to the rtfm page.
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                • I have the exact same issue in Firefox with firebug installed and multiple tabs opened. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it’s fine. I was checking the Help in the a document I created on the Template Variables and got redirected to a login screen. (can I get rid of all the tabs in the variables for every category that I made or should I not use the categories and make a big pile?)
                  • I can’t login either. I’d like to help with documentation, but I can’t log into the ftfm area in Safari or Firefox for Mac. I type in my old credentials, and a password, then I get a captcha page (and a blank password field, and this never works, just a new captcha over and over.

                    In this rtfm thing, why is there no option to create a new user account? Or a password reminder option on login? Or a working login?
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                    • rtfm.modx.com is restricted to non-contributors, to prevent people from editing official documentation. If you’d like to help with Extras docs, send me a PM and I can get you access.

                      If you want to help with the official revolution documentation, you’ll have to sign a CLA first, and then PM me. We require CLAs for contribution to the Revolution core.
                        shaun mccormick | bigcommerce mgr of software engineering, former modx co-architect | github | splittingred.com