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    I think to help developper to write MODx code, it could be usefull to add some guidelines to provide full compatibility for differents configurations.

    Some usefull

    • $modx->makeUrl(’id’) to generate the url of a document.
    • $modx->regClientStartupScript to avoid multiple load of same script
    • [(base_url)] in front of path to have correct path
    • modx->config[’rb_base_dir’] for local assets path.
    • Develop with respect of standards xhtml, css, ... (so hard with full compatibility sad) but closing all tags is easy!
    • ...
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      EVOLUTION: I think is missing documentation about "FOLDER STRUCTURE" in modx , at the beginning I cannot understand or follow a strict directory structure, many many plugins duplicate for example PHx classes, phpMailer classes etc, too bad for jScript inclusion, I have seen in the code misuse of regClientStartupScript, without name and version argument, may be they must become mandatory, because it is easy to duplicate code like jquery if every man put him version of script in the snippet/plugin/module