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    The example code in the Module Documentation (the phone book module) throws errors due to unescaped quotes. The working code is below:
    /* A simple module */
    $opcode = isset($_POST['opcode']) ? $_POST['opcode']:'';
    // action directive
    switch($opcode) {
    case 'save':
    // save code here
    echo 'Save action';
    case 'delete':
    // delete code here
    echo 'Delete action';
    case 'search':
    // search code here
    echo 'Search action';
    default: // display module page
    echo '<html>';
    echo '<head></head>';
    echo '<body>';
    echo '<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">';
    echo ' function postForm(opcode){';
    echo ' document.module.opcode.value=opcode;';
    echo ' document.module.submit();';
    echo ' }';
    echo '</script>';
    echo '<form name="module" method="post">';
    echo '<input name="opcode" type="hidden" value="" />';
    echo '<h1>Phone book</h1>';
    echo '<h3>Manage your contacts with ease</h3>';
    echo '<hr />';
    echo '<a href="javascript:;" onclick="postForm(\'save\');return false;">Save</a> | '; 
    echo '<a href="javascript:;" onclick="postForm(\'delete\');return false;">Delete</a> | '; 
    echo '<a href="javascript:;" onclick="postForm(\'search\');return false;">Search List</a> | '; 
    echo '<a href="javascript:;" onclick="postForm(\'\');return false;">Main</a>'; 
    echo '</form>';
    echo '</body>';
    echo '</html>';
    • Good catch! Thanks for posting smiley

      EDIT: Documentation updated (note to documentators: escape the escape characters for them to be displayed wink )
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