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  • Hi everybody! smiley
    I’ve got a question: is there somewhere a downloadable version of the MODx documentation? I often need to read it when I’m offline (yes, I’m a pen-and-paper developer tongue), and having it available on my pocket pc (a pdf for example) would really be great...
    • Theres no official pdf version of the docs out, but there is some talk about this here. I saw that someone has made pdf version of the docs few months ago, so it does not have all the latest things, but you can probably have it by requesting it at that thread.

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      • Another great idea is to use the scrapbook extension for FireFox. You can download web pages for offline viewing and it has tons of handy things like sticky notes etc.

        I’m sure you could then just copy the folder onto your Pocket PC and open the html there.

        You can get the extension here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/427/
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