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  • Hi all,

    Been trying to learn the MODx lately. The documentation is layed out nicely and is easy to read. Thanks! smiley

    I could not find some information, such as $modx->getDocument($id, $fields...?) and $modx->runSnippet() in API docs. This made me think if I could help in some way. I’m not sure if I get around to do anything, and my knowledge of MODx is pretty slim. But still.

    What was the outcome of the Wiki discussion? I’m a long-time wiki user, and see them as a powerful tool for collaborative writing efforts. Or have you planned other kind of system?

    • The topic with Wiki discussion has been closed.

      Anyway, to answer a question about available wikis: at http://www.opensourcecms.com there is a section for wiki. Worth to start from. For my personal use I chose PmWiki.
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