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    Currently, have to use ftp or webhost file-manager to move files and directories.
    Or, go into "edit" on the file, then change the filepath in the editor.
    Both are inconvenient, not speedy.
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      I can agree that this is perhaps not convenient but not speedy?

      Moving files around with an ftp program such as Filezilla works well and quickly, certainly much faster than it would be in any browser based manager.

      Seems to me that development energies are much better spent elsewhere.
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        For sure. I have other wish lust items which are higher priority for me, such as
        - a front-end quickEdit which supports all field types and a CSS-class-driven wysiwym editor.
        - or, custom fields on document resources, not just templates.

        That said, MODx has made a clear decision to integrate a file manager into the site Manager, indicating the desire to create a system which supersedes the need for FTP. Drag-drop is also an obvious part of the design philosophy. Therefor it’s appropriate to capture wishes which are appropriate to a file manager.

        I think using the existing integrated file editor to move the file, as I describe above, is speedier and more convenient than switching over to an FTP client, but I agree, it’s not highest priority.