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    One thing that’s kind of an annoyance is that every time I go to edit a resource, it refreshes the entire page and tree to load the resource. If you have a large tree, this causes a bit of a delay. It seems it would be a bit of a better user experience if the different sections were in separate frames so that when you clicked on an element in the tree, it would only load the resource/element in its own frame and avoid the tree refresh.

    • Back in Evolution people were complaining about the frameset... just sayin’.
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        Heh well I guess the grass is always greener. I don’t think necessarily have to be frames. I think the key thing is that the editing screens be loaded dynamically instead of having to refresh the whole page every time an element or resource is loaded in the manager. That I think would make navigating the manager a lot quicker.
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          frameset is evil on the front end !!! but in the back end it made things soooooo easier in Evo, beginning with installing a module (i can’t count how many i’ve made and install in evo in a breeze), god this is complicated in Revo...
          the alternative would be ajax of course but too much ajax kills ajax as we say in french and revo manager is already overloaded with those ext things, more could make thinks a bit risky to manage and maintain.

          Evo’s freedom is really something, maybe i should start forking it in php5 before it get’s abondoned, please MODx dev, don’t do that laugh

          Have swing
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          • We’ll be making improvements to the UI speed at every turn. The site uses AJAX methods now but we’ve had user submitted optimizations that speed things up and we’ll continue to improve Manager performance. EXTJS4 will be lighter, faster and use far less on page markup (but that will be a huge undertaking). There are things that cannot be done with frames like drag and drop between panes. Many people find that after working on Revo for a project that you realize while some things take a little longer on occasion to load overall you can get more done more quickly.

            Evo is not going away anytime soon. There will be a 1.1 this year for sure.
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              Well as far as Revo is concerned, when you get into the thousands of resources, navigating between documents becomes a bit tedious. The tree takes on average about 10 seconds to reload. I realize there are many considerations to take into account (many of which I’m not aware of) when designing the functionality of the manager, but it just seems to be unnecessary from a user perspective to have the entire manager page (and tree) reload everytime you go to a different document to edit. If the tree didn’t refresh itself, I think it would be a better user experience and take less time. Whether it’s done through frames or AJAX I guess doesn’t matter as long as it achieves that functionality.
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                I saw something in another thread the other day about archiving resources in Revo and hence pulling them out of the doc tree. Wish I could remember where I saw it...found it!

                And this (although I’m not sure it is relevant - only skimmed lightly):
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                  Quote from: Mark at Mar 31, 2011, 08:55 PM

                  Back in Evolution people were complaining about the frameset... just sayin’.
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