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    Or how about integrating the Moxicode image gallery. That is a fully developed plugin for tinymce. The only problem could be licencing.... hmm..
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      The new version of Gallery allows you to upload a zip file which is perfect for my needs.
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        i have 2 problems with it

        1. can’t get it to work yet
        2. most clients won’t care for zipping they just want to point and click

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          Zip upload doesn’t work for me for some reason. It unzips the files with original names (instead of converting them to names based on id). But then gives me message no supported files or something like that. I can see that files were uploaded when using FTP, but nothing displayed in the Gallery.
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            how dos work some uploader with drag and draw? like the thing in youtube?
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              What am I missing here?

              I have just been uploading folders full of images into Gallery with the batch uploader. Wonderful.
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                most end users/clients dont know what ftp is. it has to be as simple as possible. e.g. drag’n’drop sort of easy for it to be usable. advanced users like yourself have many options already...