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  • P.S. I assume I need to log in with my MODx username and password?
    • If the config files are setup correctly then you should hit the Tools button (from the top red bar), then from the next screen you should have a "Backup Tool - create a backup file..." button - hit this and all should run....
      • Login details are how you set them in your config file ;]
        • Hey as anyone ever site vault.


          Sounds like a really good solution. But wondered if anyone actually used it!


          • Hi,

            Does someone did the components to inlude this Backup into Revo manager ?
            • Has anyone progressed this and created a backup solution for REVO yet? Is Janitor the only one?
              • I use Databackup ( http://modx.com/extras/package/databackup ) and combine it with a plugin. It produces a backup every time I log into the Manager ( OnManagerLogin ). The backup is done with a limited range of tables, enough for me.

                $output = $modx->runSnippet('backup',array(
                   'includeTables' => 'modx_gallery_album_contexts,modx_gallery_album_items,modx_gallery_albums,modx_gallery_items,modx_gallery_tags,modx_media_sources,modx_media_sources_contexts,modx_media_sources_elements,modx_menus,modx_site_content,modx_site_htmlsnippets,modx_site_plugin_events,modx_site_plugins,modx_site_snippets,modx_site_templates,modx_site_tmplvar_access,modx_site_tmplvar_contentvalues,modx_site_tmplvar_templates,modx_site_tmplvars',
                   'writeTableFiles' => 'false'

                There is only one problem with the backup: I have to extract the comments out of the backupfile before importing to mysql.
                  MODX 2.2.6 (advanced), PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.5.27