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  • Social Networking is taking the Web by storm. It would be great if MODx integrated an Open Source Friend of a Friend (FOAF) Social Networking platform.

    I think elgg might be the solution!

    About Elgg
    Elgg is an open source social networking platform based around choice, flexibility and openness: a system that firmly places individuals at the centre of their activities.

    Your users have the freedom to incorporate all their favorite tools within one environment and showcase their content with as many or as few people as they choose, all within a social networking site that you control.

    Learn more about elgg

    I have been testing and customizing its environment, it has a very bright future! It has more functionality than MySpace and Facebook combined and is truly an "open environment."

    Would this be something the MODx community might be interested in? Lets talk about...


    • I had discovered Elgg when it was still in its infancy, and I have been meaning to check on it but didn’t (followed up AroundMe’s progress instead). It would seem they made a huge leap : localization, plugins, an apparently dynamic community ! My, my, I have some testing to do smiley Thanks for reminding me of Elgg !

      Very interresting... now, about integrating I guess the main thing as usual is syncrhonizing user accounts. It would seem Elgg has its own ACL, the challenge here would be to have a single login for MODx and Elgg... on the other hand some might say given the permission and user management system will be totally rewritten and it could wait a bit, others might say "how hard would that be to write this kind of application with MODx"....

      But I’ll let devs react to your idea (which is great, Elgg is nice !).
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      • I setup an elgg demo account on ajnag.org BETA. Please feel free to mess around and test it out!


        Login: demo
        Password: demo

        If you have any questions, contact me

        • Nice, though I already went and installed Elgg and almost all mods to check them out smiley

          Looks nice, I still have to check out templating but doesn’t seem very complicated... Elgg is localized in many languages but I didn’t check out if the mods are ready for localization, if not it would be a no-go for me undecided

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          • Hmm, it is nice and have features. But lacks user-friendliness. Alot of scrolling is done.
            But with additional work, could be a really good small user-community site smiley
            • I just noticed the scrolling (CSS issue). We are still working on improving usability and will be adding a help section soon.

              • Is this a dead issue? I found elgg online and looks like it would work if we can get user account synchronization. Maybe we could get a elgg compatible subdomain in MODX Cloud accounts.