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  • I’d like to see a nice help desk module so my customers could log in to the site, type in a support request and it would send an email to support staff. Some desirable features - auto-assigning a ticket number, ability to track tickets by user (e.g. Fred sees his tickets and their status, but can’t see Sally’s), whereas a support tech can see all tickets in the queue.

    If anyone knows if this already exists let me know so I can try it. Otherwise, I’m happy to beta test, help document, etc. Just don’t know how to code smiley


    P.S. My second day with MODx...I think I’m in love -----{-----{@
    • I too am interested in a Help Desk/Trouble Ticketing module
      • I too am interested in such a thing. A fully MODx native Help Desk add-on.

        Alternatively though, a set of snippets or plugins for a third party system such as osTicket that would allow the customer to post a request, see a list of their past tickets and status, embed the FAQ, or other features, all style-able within the MODx backend.

        Resource: http://osticket.com/