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    Yesterday the wiki dns pointed me to some wrong site. Now it appears to be gone entirely. I am sad to see that.

    I hope this is only temporary since I would miss it greatly. It contains useful snippet documentations and howtos. Also some of the Evolution api was documented only there afaik.
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      sure, that’s bad news if it doesn’t come back !
      but i think it will smiley
      quick, because i needed to read something... grin
      • Definitely not good news. Many of the API functions are only documented there, besides all of the add-on documentation there.
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          Good news guys, the wiki will be live soon. The server it was hosted on had some issues, which are being worked on. As soon as its done it will be back. smiley
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          • Hey folks. While this server may be down this brings up an important matter. Much of this documentation including the Evo API and some of the tutorials are long overdue to be migrated into the official documentation or to the upcoming new Learn section on modx.com. In addition, there are spaces available to host user contributed tutorials like the AJAX tutorials and more. Many folks have complained over the years about the docs being scattered here and there. There is some great documentation on that wiki but there is also lots of outdated and inaccurate info and since few people actually know about it (save for you savvy folks) it likely will continue to grow further out of date, especially in relation to Revolution. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on approach or alternatives.

            If you’d like to adopt a page or volunteer to migrate an important part of the documentation—especially the Evo docs and the Evo API, please post here.

            To locate the wiki docs while the server is down you can see it here: http://web.archive.org/web/20090220175907/http://wiki.modxcms.com/index.php/Main_Page

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              I would love to see a ’Demo’ section, where you actually see the code in action.
              Sometimes it’s hard figuring out what is available, the right piece of code, add-on etc. in order to build things out.
              Thinking of creating my own set of demos, but I’m sure I’ld have troubles finding much of the demo code, snippets etc. that is out there in the wild.

              Without seeing the code in action it’s just hard to keep track of, there’s not even a screenshot of most of these coded items.
              That’s fine when you can just paste it in your sandbox install and see what happens though.
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                If someone can create a new section in RTFM for ’Evolution Addons’ as opposed to ’Revolution Addons’, then I’m happy to help start porting across documentation for the major Evo addons (Wayfinder, Ditto, that sort of thing).
                • Quote from: legio_noctis at Jul 10, 2011, 11:22 AM

                  If someone can create a new section in RTFM for ’Evolution Addons’ as opposed to ’Revolution Addons’, then I’m happy to help start porting across documentation for the major Evo addons (Wayfinder, Ditto, that sort of thing).
                  i need to move over the easy 2 gallery section.
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                    I am happy to assist with migrating old wiki to rtfm.

                    I’ve done the CLA thing, and been accepted.

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