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    I really hate when users can’t get the situation - giving username instead of email, forgetting their password and not finding the ’Forget password’ button, etc.
    I hope my problem is different.

    Once I had an account on the old modxcms.com, I was able to use it, but now I can’t get in.
    My username is vhollo, email is vhollo [at] gmail [dot] com, and I guess a bunch of possible passwords.
    When trying to reset the password, no email is sent - nor upon username, nor on giving my email.
    When trying to register a new account with this username, the system says it’s already taken. Hmmm... vhollo is me. I suppose I did take it, not anyone else. However, I can’t have it.

    Could someone help me?
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      So far as I know, you need to sign up for a new account with the new modx.com. Fortunately, that one account will allow you into the bugtracker, and the new forums (when they are up). If you already have a login for either of the above, try it to get in.
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        Had similar problem.
        Had to sent an email request to help@modx.com and was sorted.

        Something to do with not using my account for a while and MODX upgrades.
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