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    on opera, firefox, chrome, none work. Login fails with incorrect login (trying my forum login) so then I assume I need multiple accounts so i create a login (register) and it just redirects me back to the main page with no status on if the account is made or not. no email is sent, nothing. am I the only one who can’t login to the main website? I’d like to submit a new extra...
    • Your forum login will not work as it’s one of the remaining pieces to convert over to our SSO infrastructure. If you’ve ever filed a bug use that login.
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        I had some issues with this as well (not using my forum account) and had to get Shaun to reset my password for me. But now I can’t change the temporary password he provided to a more memorable one. I get a confirmation message that the password was successfully changed, but cannot use it to log in. Only the temp password works...