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  • I often go to profile > show last posts of this person. Then I can jump there to quickly mark a thread as solved, update some background info, bump a topic or re-read that handy reply i received the day before smiley

    Would it be possible to add a direct link to my recent posts? Maybe under the 3 links in the upper right? (show unread, show new replies, view recent). Would be great!
    • Hi,
      Maybe you already know this, but 2 mouse clicks isn’t too much for me.... smiley

      Look in your upper left corner for "Hello MrDutchy" (or the equivalent in your language), click that, and then click Show Posts (under Profile Info).

        MODx and Wordpress development
        Linux, PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.0, Evo 1.05, Revo 2.08-pl, Firefox 4
      • Yep, that works just like the Profile link. I’d feel silly if I’d say it’s "too much" for me smiley

        For me 2 clicks and a scroll in between is not perfect. It’s just a suggestion and it might be easy to do.
        • +1 (we are lazy people)