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  • At the front of the documentation system at it says:

    "There are currently no pages on your favourites list. You can add pages to this list by clicking [star] from the Tools menu on the page you’re viewing."

    This would be really useful as I often search for some topics over and over.

    However, I see no star option to add to favourites.

    I wondered if you have to perhaps register, as it has login link, but there is no registration option.

    • Sorry to bump my own topic, but any thoughts? I keep on hunting for the same old documents, so this would be really useful.

      • Just checked, it indeed only works when you’re logged in.

        You can sign up here: http://modxcms.com/community/register/ and that will then be your login for the modxcms.com and modx.com sites, as well as the bugtracker and the docs. If all goes right, we should have SSO for the forums as well in a short while smiley

        Of course you could also use a simple bookmark (even if they sound oldfashioned :p)
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        • The docs are not SSO; your modx.com or forums login will not work there.

          We will be adressing the docs logins after we migrate off the forums. Until then, docs registrations are limited to contributors only.
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