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  • To skip "pre-history" pls read text of this color below (suggestion itself).

    2 days ago downloaded MODx Revo and tried to install it into local server (AppServ v2.5.10) on my Win XP machine.
    But failed on step ? (3 or 4 i guess) with error message smth like "MODx needs pdo_mysql driver but it seems it is not loaded".

    Went through documentation including "troubleshooting" section, but found no answer. Was ready to give up on MODx, nevertheless solution was found.

    If included into official docs ("installation" or "troubleshooting" section) this solution may be useful for "non-so-tech" people like me to successfully complete MODx Revo installation on AppServ.

    Suggestion itself. Add following info to "installation" or "troubleshooting" section of official documentation named smth like "<pdo_mysql driver is not loaded> warning of AppServ (Windows version)":

    Open file named php.ini located under c:\windows\, find string


    remove ";" so that string will be

    Restart local server (for example, by restarting system) and try to install MODx Revo again.