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  • Reading your interview with Brett I had two thoughts. One, are you sure that’s supposed to be "Web developer by day. Rock start inventor of foxiness by night", or maybe that should be Rock star inventor?

    The second thought came when he mentions the usual workflow and how TVs are used. The new custom TVs feature in Evo 1.0.5 will make life so much easier for anyone needing a variable number of images, file links, or other consistant items like that. Also, if the only reason you use two templates is because of TVs, you can always use ManagerManager to hide TVs for given resources Don’t forget that the MM rules chunk can take PHP code; great for conditionals. http://www.sottwell.com/mm-tvs.html
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    • Thanks for the catch Susan. (Typo fixed)

      It might be interesting indeed to put some parenthetical editorial comments since this was originally published quite a while ago.
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