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  • Hi All

    Just saw the Revo 2 review in this month’s .net magazine: http://www.netmag.co.uk/zine/latest-issue/issue-210
    (it’s not online, you’ll have to buy the mag)

    That’s great news for the marketing of modx, certainly in the uk at least, esp regarding one of my earlier posts:
    http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,56301.msg323542.html#msg323542 (pls forgive the shameless plug)

    However, I felt the review missed/misunderstood a major point - the general tone of the review seems to be based at what it can do for developers, which is clearly brilliant, but it completely misses the people we generally develop for --- CLIENTS!

    Also, I really didn’t see their beef with ’The use of PHP code via snippets’ - adding - ’the skills you need to work well with MODx (php, xhtml and css) equip you perfectly well to do without it’. Snippets can seem daunting to a beginner (which presumably the reviewer was) but they are a breeze once the penny drops, and they instantly open the door to the scope and power of php within your markup.

    While my markup/css is up to scratch, I certainly couldn’t write the php for Ditto/GetResources, wrap that in a system which allows my client to log into, create a new page, and then have that page dynamically appear in a paginated styled list, and also wherever else i allocate it to appear via micro-templates like a ’latest news’ box ... etc and I’ll stop there!

    Rants aside it is still great that profile is raising - and yes, I should rant to the mag itself ... maybe i will, just had to get in here first

    Any more opinions anyone?