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  • Hi!

    It seems to be that the search functionality in the forums are not working properly. The results I get are often very old. For example the term "modx" or "web" gives a result list of entries only in 2005...

    Best regards,
    • maybe a ’MODx-Google search add-on for Firefox’ could help to refine the search.
      (i’m using it, it’s convenient.)

      if you don’t use firefox you can simply search google & add ’site:modxcms.com/forums’ to the search query.

      if you’re interested in refining the results to be the Latest simply choose that option from ’search tools’ appearing alongside.

      :) hope it helped
        Michael Shraibman( gOmp)  | Freelance Design & Development | wink  impossible is nothing...
      • Thanks. But that does not solve the problem... huh