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  • Hi

    Considering MODx? Here’s my experience and advice. I originally posted here all enthusiastic, complimenting the team on an awesome thing and that still stands, I’ve not changed that - it is awesome.

    I felt it important to share my experience however, so that anyone considering which framework or CMS to invest their time in could get something that wasn’t hype. It’s a big step, deciding to commit time to something.

    Essentially it boils down to this: the documentation for MODx is all over the place, with the best will in the world despite (possibly even, tragically, ’because’ of) a lot of efforts to the contrary. There is really good documentation around, however, it assumes knowledge and does not explain any fundamentals, no ’back to basics’ I’m afraid. I think this is a reflection of the very clever brains behind it all who don’t know what they know (if you follow). If you’ve experience of CMS, nope, don’t assume you’ll find the transition to a framework easy. (Yes, MODx is something called a ’framework’ not a CMS). This documentation thing is exasperated by the confusion resulting from MODx Evolution and MODx Revolution.. so you’ll have to always check which you’re reading and which-is-which is not easy to figure out when you’re not familiar. (If I were them I’d ask the community to really clearly - as in blatantly - mark anything they’ve published as Evolution or Revolution). They’ve a tough problem to solve and ’more’ is not necessarily the answer.

    The forum in theory could mitigate the documentation issue, however, I’ve not had much luck here... I’ve assumed it’s me, though I’ve not been rude or belligerent. I tend not to take things personally, so thinking about it: having marketed MODx as suitable for non-programmers, the community may not really be up for supporting the inevitable newby enquiries that result and the forum is littered with these queries, largely unanswered - I can understand the reluctance. (Again, perhaps a strategy they need to consider is a push for recruiting moderators who are newby query experts - that or market it more accurately).

    MODx marketing (home page this site): "We don’t think you should have to buy a book to build amazing sites"... you can’t (buy a book), so you’re on your own grin Hope this helps. Just my personal opinion.

    Me, I’m undecided whether to persist, because MODx is awesome... like a big mountain... and one hell of a climb especially without a good map.

    All the best.