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    Hi there,

    Today I received an email from the MODxcms.com Showcase telling me that one of my sites had been rejected. Strange thing is, it was looking for the wrong URL!

    The site has actually been on there for two years I think, which makes this message kind of strange. Is there some kind of vulnerability in the showcase system that could have allowed the URL of my site (of ID 14) to be changed?
      cal wilson
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      What was the site and the URL?
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        The site was rspca.org.au

        The message received said:


        Your site has been rejected by the moderators:

        Could not find manager directory at: http://www.abadge.ie/manager

        Site details:

        RSPCA Australia
        URL: http://www.rspca.org.au Developer: Oxygen Kiosk

        Redesign of an existing high-profile website for Australia’s peak animal welfare organisation. MODx was the perfect flexible solution!

        This is an automated email. Please do not reply directly. Your site\’s ID is: 14

          cal wilson
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          Indeed — I was more concerned that it was referring to a completely different URL though.
            cal wilson
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            Bob’s Guides was rejected for something about "redirecting to localhost."

            I’m not sure if it ever got in or not -- there’s no search on the Showcase page and when I tried to sort them by name, I got a 404 error.

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            • (I wouldn’t know how to rename the manager directory, even if I wanted to... why would anyone do that anyway?)
              The point of that is that if it can’t fine domain.com/manager, then it’s not a MODx site (Evo, anyway.)
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                Wow! nice site man! laugh
                • It sounds like there is a technical issue with the rejection process. I manually review every single site for approval. There are typically 2 reasons sites get rejected: 1) we can’t verify it is a MODx site for some reason or 2) the screencap is not possible to generate due to slow server. We get very little spam to the showcase. If you have received a rejection notice, but feel it was in error, PM me and I’ll review.

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                    I have to dig the thread out of the dust because the search show it's the last entry for that type of post.

                    Am i right no hardened and custom modx installations can be submitted to the showcase due to the manager url requirement? That means sites that protect the manager with .htaccess, VPN, out of webroot etc. can't be submitted because the script can't do a lookup. Even it's moderated, how would you tell it's a MODX site if the manager login is custom made for clients either?