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  • The forum profile lets us list ICQ, AIM, MSN and YIM IDs, none of which I have or want. But I do look at Twitter most days, mostly to see what MODxers are saying and linking to. Would it be possible to add a field for Twitter ID? I had to make up a stupid new one, as someone had already taken my usual forum nickname on Twitter.
    laugh KP (@Parborial)
    • Luckily somebody didn’t stole my user-name on twitter smiley

      p.s. follower gained.
        Jack of all Trades and Proud Honda Zoomer owner. Also available on twitter.
      • For what its worth... I agree with KP. We need to be able to link to twitter. As the fastest growing social media we all need to be ahead of the game. Hope to see an update soon. grin