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  • I’m new to running a home test server environment.
    Looks like I’ll try XAMPP since it’s mentioned in the migrating to a new server tutorial under documentation/administration.
    The User forum’s over there at http://www.apachefriends.org/f/
    Are in German I ran the forum through babelfish to translate, but form’s don’t work like search.
    Otherwise I don’t think there is an English version only an English set of categories, sort of like these forum’s for other language users.

    Would it be possible to have a category for test servers and that divided by Windows, MAC, linux, unix whatever.
    I think it would be great to also get an idea of what’s available for what format.
    Previously I was thinking of running abyss server, by aprelium, in fact I installed that, but never really ran any php apps, or any other with it.

    thanks for some feedback!
    • XAMPP is (to me) the finest all-in-one package to run a test platform... It has a nice switch utility to change from PHP4 => PHP 5 and vice versa, plus it offers the latest MYSQL, phpMyAdmin...

      Most of the subjects I have come accross on the french boards about test servers are : how do I set up httpd.conf, php.ini to enable mod_rewrite or gd_lib or zlib. It’s not that hard to set things up, really... there is a short list of problems with MODx on local platform. I don’t know if a subforum is needed, on the french forums we deal with those request in the Installation or General support forums.
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