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  • Right before I "found" ModX I was looking at Joomla. This was back in September. At that time I asked if it was going to be possible to build a tableless standards compliant site with Joomla. The Joomla Dev team responded and said that in the next release they were going to be introducing their accessibility initiative and removing html generation from the core and putting it into templates and into the hands of the designers where it belongs. Just out of curiosity today I took a peek and Joomla 1.5 is supposed to be released soon. NO mention is made of "accessibility"-- it’s all about "internationalization."

    Now it seems to me that it’s already totally possible to build a Bobby/WAI site with ModX without a bit of fuss. There might need to be a bit of rewriting of some of the menu snippets to add keyboard functionality to the tags, but that’s really about it other than a standards compliant template and maybe adding a skiplink if needed. Why aren’t we tooting this horn a bit louder??? smiley
      "I’d love to change the world but I can’t find the source code . . ."

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