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  • The Subject pretty much explains everything, in just about every other version of every web-based program I have dealt with the site gets split into two domains. The primary being geared toward the core program itself etc. and the secondary site generally being devoted to user made/submitted items. The best example of this I can use is vbulletin. The main site vbulletin.com being geared toward feature releases/help/bug tracking and vbulletin.org being geared toward hacks/plugins/skins and so on. This type of layout actually helps remove a lot of confusion and problems in the long run imho and definitely seems like it would benefit here a great deal. Suggestion one leading into the donation part...

    As of about 20 mins ago modxcms.org and modxcms.info are no longer available, this is actually good news. It’s up to the admins/developers/owners to decide but either I plan on wrapping the .info domain to just redirect to modxcms.com or I can just transfer it to you to set a redirect. Secondly Concerning my first suggestion until my bandwidth decides otherwise I would be more than happy to host modxcms.org at no cost with no ads no strings attached. Unfortunately my wife and I coudn’t come to an agreement on a straight monitary donation and I figured this would be the best way I could give back a bit. I currently have a 1.3TB monthly hosting limit and have never even tipped the iceberg. You all can discuss it as you will and let me know. Either way if I host it or you do the domain name is yours as well. And last but not least my final suggestion/ bit of good free info...

    I’m pretty much clueless to what your setup is behind the scenes and I won’t even begin to guess, however with MODx being an open source project you actually qualify for a free SSL Certificate. Please don’t take this as spamming/advertising or what not I just try to share the info I found with as many people as I can. Go daddy has taken a huge push in pr and is backing open source quite a bit and is making this offer. https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/ssl/ssl_opensource.asp granted initially it might be free for a year but from what I understand they don’t ever plan to stop the offer as long as the project stays open. Again just thought I would share the info.
    • Thanks for the info blackhawk_996 and offer. As soon as we get 0.9.2 out we’ll address issues just like this. smiley
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      • As I said It’s not much but it’s all I could do for now, just let me know what everyone wants. The modxcms.info domain is wrapped properly and redirects to modxcms.com