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    I haven’t yet made a donation, but I will....promise grin

    However, I’ll make this suggestion.

    On another BBS I subscribe to, they have the option of becoming a paid subscriber. You can sign up for 1yr, 3 yr, life. Now their "default" / open to the public BBS, has Ad’s for the passer-by. When you subscribe, the Ad’s are removed via a script, when you login. Additionally, your profile on the left of a post will include a footer saying something like "Life Subscriber"...Basically indicating that you donated to the cause.

    Now I am not advocating that you start running Ad’s on the site. However, it might be a nice touch when someone does donate, that he or she has the option of including a footer.

    just a thought

    Checkout http://www.windowsbbs.com/
    to see what I am refering to, search for user id "24jedi"


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    • That’s a great suggestion and I appreciate your pledge. We’ll definitely take it into account as we look to make our project self-supporting!
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