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  • Quote from: OpenGeek at Apr 13, 2006, 05:20 PM

    Great replay thanks.
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    • See now, that was some very satisfying "inside info" to read.

      Knowing the plan helps my confindence in planing future dependence on Tatto. Instead of as before where I was wondering if this vague etherial like vision of a name change might or might not come about and possibly screw up a good project. Although it doesn’t prove that everything will work out good, it does show that there must be some solid work behind the scenes on the final product rather than just a vision of change that will get implemented one day ... some time.

      Course the downside of leaking inside info is that IF the projected dates on the roadmap slip a little it always generates disapointment in some people.

      • That’s why we don’t put solid dates on things, especially roadmaps. tongue

        And it better work out really good or my wife will claim I’ve wasted 100% of my time since the end of 2004 on this project. My entire ability to support my family depends on it, as do several other team members. smiley
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