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    I find it is little hard to follow post using SMF. In PHP-BB each new post has a little "new icon" and it is so easy to spot any new post since the last time I login.

    SMF has the "New" at the thread level but does not have one at the posting level.

    Is there a way to set that up?

    • Easiest way right now is to switch the template in your profile. Go to Profile under user tools and just use the default. Thanks for the feedback!
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      • I just click on the Show unread posts since last visit link. But then my eyes aren’t what they used to be, and all these little icons and flashing buttons and stuff tend to turn into one big blur if I try to focus on them.
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          Yeah, I had similar problems too before. I normally just read off the latest posts.

          This is because "unread posts" is probably based on time cookies and eventually read posts will become unread posts. However, I still get caught every once in a while by "read" posts.
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