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  • Quote from: bugsmi0 at Mar 23, 2006, 06:35 PM

    Modx needs a real name with some real meaning what the hell is a Modx anyway shocked

    MODx = MODular and Extensible. If you want to get into naming MODx suggest you add it to http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,1120.0.html which already has LOTS of discussion on it.
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    • Quote from: Briggsy at Mar 23, 2006, 10:28 PM

      MODx = MODular and Extensible.

      I like that naming. It’s so techy, but yet give a clear meaning of what MODx really is. We are not being built as a full-fledge system, instead we have a modular and flexible system to allow the creation of full-fledge system on top of MODx. grin

      Enough with explanation, lets start evangelize the meaning of MODx now grin
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      • MOD{X}
        "Content Mangement System"

        For Xtreme Content Mangement Performance grin

        Working on making this into a LOGO
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        • bugsmi0,

          I like the logo idea... very nice and says "developer" more than the current one. smiley
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          • Quote from: bugsmi0 at Mar 23, 2006, 06:35 PM

            personally the name Modx doesn’t cut it, it doesn’t have a rythme or meaning, look what joomla did with it’s silly name almost cultish the way they try to come up with meanings for it lol

            joomla had a big head start even without a name, they got c-net news coverage of the split with mambo and could have pinned any bubble-gum name to it and still be where they are today . . . wherever that happens to be.

            "DOS" (as far as names go) now that’s about as sexy as bill gates stacking his back seat full of empty milk cartons on a hot summers day - but is a good example that systems which actually do a lot don’t need any gimmicks or gimmicky names to elevate their popularity

            plus modX is easy to SEO - which is as good as pointing a gun at a target and hitting it
            • yea, the name MODX kind of grew on me he he,

              if Z doesn’t mind, i took the liberty of playing with the modxcms logo and since i didn’t have the actual psd image i just played with it to give it a new look, what do you think ?


              I added the {X} to give it some flavor and also the dark shades have a more defined cut to make the logo stand out, i called it "power content managent" because really it’s all about the {power of the word} and left off php because well, its just not a pretty word lol just kidding, I think framework vs system might be better since it implies a better (power ?) infrastructure vs just any plain old copycat system, framework has a feeling like the Modx Frame will do the work for you laugh

              Z if you like it or the idea feel free to run with it (my contribution to the Mod{X}Dream he he
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