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    hmmm, it's all over the web now.

    Adobe is heading to buy out Macromedia. I haven't used anything MM in years but still ... let's just say this is weird -- not good. (dam ... what movie was it that had "not good" in it huh? )

    Anyway, this is going to be interesting.

    Some are saying it's a way to fight against the best called LongHorn ... others are lamenating that Apple didn't do this first.

    I use BBEdit laugh
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      For many generations (of software), I've been a solid MM user, and I've never cared much for Adobe. I guess I can just be glad Micro$oft didn't buy MM and produce FrontPageWeaver laugh
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        I use photoshop and illustrator quite a lot. In-design is rapidly gaining market on Quark Express. etc. I think that if MM and Adobe's products integrate we would be able to even get better packages. It all depends on how e.g. Dreamweaver will be developed for web purposes rather than indesign which is better for print, or am i missing something here?