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  • If anyone is interested in collaborating on getting these videos up with better sound and subtitles please contact me: [email protected] or post here and we’ll make this happen.

    I’ve done some corrections on the sound on a couple of videos. Subtitles for translating will be a big deal. I had hoped to get the videos done and up but I let if fall down on my priorities list.


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      hey guys

      I’ve decided to create a google doc to try co-ordinate this a bit easier as I’ve heard from smashingred that lots of us are duping our efforts.

      I would love to give a helping hand and try clear up the sound a bit. If you are planning to/re-encode any of the vids, can your put your name down so we can get them all some place for the world to admire?

      The google doc is located at and can be modified by anyone http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Av9oKf3k7_GKdERhbWdHX18wYXpCVW9SRmVSMW5xaUE&hl=en_GB

      Cheers peeps
      • Great idea thiswayup!

        Hopefully we can use this to get everything cleared up and some decent videos up and running smiley
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          If somebody has done english transcription of the videos,
          then we could translate using http://dotsub.com/...
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          • I’m in the process of setting up a player on my site with caption support. The format it uses is as follows:

            <tt xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2006/10/ttaf1">
            <div xml:id="captions">
            <p begin="00:08" end="00:10">- Nothing is going on.</p>
            <p begin="00:10" end="00:12.5">You liar!</p>
            <p begin="00:13" end="00:15">Are you?</p>
            <p begin="00:17" end="00:20">Violet, please!
            - I am not your babe!</p>
            <p begin="00:24" end="00:29">You stupid cow,
            look what you gone and done now, ay.</p>
            <p begin="00:34" end="00:36">Vi, please.
            - Leave me alone!</p>
            <p begin="00:36" end="00:38.5">- We need to talk.
            - Jason, are you deaf?!</p>
            <p begin="00:41" end="00:43">What’s going on?</p>
            <p begin="00:43" end="00:45">Get out there and try to salvage this!</p>

            It looks like http://www.urusoft.net/ and http://ncam.wgbh.org/webaccess/magpie/magpie2_download.html (mac only) are two free captioning programs that can export what we need too...

            Granted I have no problems if we post the videos up elsewhere, just figure why post elsewhere when we can do it ourselves...?

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              Good idea on the Google doc, I’m still looking to help out. Work and holiday got in the way recently. I’ll add my name to the doc when I have some time spare.