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  • Dear MODx developper/users.

    I heart that café meeting are organised for some other products. I think it excellent to share expertise.
    Then I would like to propose to some of you, to organise a meeting in Geneva or Lausanne (or farwer) with the goal to share expertises on MODx Revo. I can organise it like finding a nice place where we could drink a beer, café or anything else, around a table and discussing about MODx revo.

    Some topics can be discussed like:

    Security and ACL,
    Babel (Multilangague), FOrmit, simpleserach and other packages
    System setting,
    Tools (importing ressource or HTML)
    and other topics.

    For those who are interessing to meet or to create like a workgroup with the goal to share expertise, I woul d be glad to have your answers and comment. then I wil be very happy to organise a such meeting.

    • Hi!
      A café-modx-meeting in Switzerland would be a great idea! What about Biel/Bienne? would that be possible for you, too?
      Lausanne or Geneva are a bit too far away for me :-(

      • Hello Suzane,
        Nice to read you.
        Personelly I can move to Bienne/Biel. It is obsoluely not an issue.
        Where do you stay? I would ike to to propose to a friend to partipate to the "first Swiss MODxCafé" shocked) but I do not think he will move to Biel. It is the reason why I was thinking about Lausanne, But we can organize one in Biel as well. Me, I am wery flexible.
        Let’s think about it?
        • Hi Pierrot!
          Sorry, I forget about checking for new messages here...
          Perhaps we could meet in between, e.g. Neuchâtel or Yverdon? What do you think?
          At the moment it’s much too hot to travel. Perhaps in early autumn when it is a bit cooler.
          Which is your native language? English, german oder french?

          Greetings from Büren (thats another 30 minutes away from Biel)

          • Hello Susanne,

            I am a french speaker but I also speak german (Hoch deutch shocked) ).

            Let’s wait until we got interested people, in that way we can be more.
            Biel is nice place, let’s have the meeting overthere.

            Some other MODxer are interested to join? in Biel (Bienne in french)

            • My native language is German, but I speak French and English too, and some Italian ;-)
              Could post our modx-café-meeting at twitter, what do you think?

              Greetings / Salutations!

              • Hello,

                This is good idea!
                I will find a time to have like a webpage for regitsration or somethink like this.
                May be wait a moment before sending a twitt until I create a very simple web page, where people will find information. I will do it today or tomorrow.
                he we can like te twitt to the information page.

                I think the best time would be September or end september?
                • Mid to end September would be fine! What do you think, should we fix a date already?