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  • Anyone interested in a Dallas Meetup? You may or may not know this, but much of the MODX staff are here in the Metroplex, and would love to meet and get to know more of the folks using MODX here in our town. We’ll sponsor the space / beer / pizza, but let’s get some folks together to talk about MODX in D-Town.
      Kevin Marvin :: MODX, LLC
    • I’m definitely interested!!!I’ve been away from modx for a while, but now that I can use it with Microsoft SQL Server, I’m back!!! Please let me know! I’d love to meetup!
      • Honestly, I am surprised we have so few ppl here in Dallas. You would think that the home team would get more love. Tell me more about what you are doing, Furious smiley

        We’re officed in the West End now, perhaps I can buy you lunch sometime.
          Kevin Marvin :: MODX, LLC
        • Wow... I'm just now seeing this. It truly is weird that there aren't more MODXers in Dallas. I am in the Dallas area as well. My focus is business branding, so when I design websites I really enjoy being able to custom tailor EVERYTHING. This is why I love using MODX. I know your post was about half a year ago, but let me know if you're still interested in meeting up. Thanks.