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  • Hello!
    I’ve done a good deal of searching and reading through the basic documentation but I’m still having trouble creating a system for users to register and then view pages once they are register’d and logged in.
    Also I have tested out the WebLogin and WebSignup snippets and I have them showing up good it just seems I’m lacking some sort of configuration between the two.

    I did however manage to get it to register once, I made an account and it sent my email the info and that was all good. I can’t login using the information though, and I see the user IS registered in the web users list in the manager.

    As of now the Register page is this in rich text:
    [[WebSignup? &groups=`NewsReaders,WebUsers`]]

    And the Login is this, also in rich text:
    [[WebLogin? &loginhomeid=`7` &logouthomeid=`1`]]

    The one time that I got it to register it seemed to do the first part flawlessly. Now I have set up a user group called Registered Users and a Document group called Registered Content.

    I see that once the user is register’d I can edit that web user and direct the default page. However, I want this to happen by default when they register, I’m only assuming that would mean adding the &loginhomeid=’#’ to the snippet.

    Now I’m hoping maybe someone can point me in the right direction here smiley
    Would greatly appreciate it!
    • Try calling the snippets uncached [!...!] or set the pages to be not cached.

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      • yar that be what was wrong.
        thanks man laugh

        btw love the community you guys are great, keep up the great work!