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  • Hello new to the forums and modx but certainly not new to programming and webdesign/development...anyways after playing around with modx for first time notice that to save was a painful click everytime...that’s a nonono for me so...

    What this tip does ?
    Simple, It let you press save button with keystroke of alt+s which is familiar with many software such as invision powerboards when posting...
    Because I’m lazy to click everytime I want to save, and this speeds up development a little... simple as that.
    Plus I have a mx1000 which let me do keystrokes with just a click of the mouse, handy for us developers if you ask me.


    First of all here’s the list of files you’ll need to edit.

    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_content.dynamic.action.php (1062)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_htmlsnippet.dynamic.action.php (182)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_module.dynamic.action.php (554)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_module_resources.dynamic.action.php (260)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_password.dynamic.action.php (38)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_plugin.dynamic.action.php (464)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_role.dynamic.action.php (226)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_snippet.dynamic.action.php (382)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_templates.dynamic.action.php (197)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_tmplvars.dynamic.action.php (450)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_user.dynamic.action.php (962)
    • ...\manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_web_user.dynamic.action.php (776)

    so open all those files and do a "find and replace" in all of them

    <input type="submit" name="save" style="display:none">

    <input type="submit" name="save" accesskey="s" style="visibility:hidden;">

    Ok so now is all dandy and fancy working exept for settings...lets "hack" that then...

    Open following file...
    ...manager\actions\dynamic\mutate_settings.dynamic.action.php (134) 

      <form name="settings" action="index.php?a=30" method="post"> 

    <input type="submit" name="save" accesskey="s" style="visibility:hidden" />

    Enjoy it wink

    What If I want another letter besides "s"?...
    simple just change accesskey="X";
    X being your desired letter.

    Glad I found modx...seems like a good community to contribute so expect more in future. smiley
    • Excellent! Welcome to the community, and a big Thank You! for the contribution!
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      • Wow, I posted that as a wish-list item a few months back! Great mod, should be part of the core.
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        • Sounds very nice to me!

          Thanks for sharing this nice contribution.


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          • For those who don’t want to hack their installation, see this Greasemonkey script that adds this functionality for Firefox: