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    Hey guys,

    How can I create an unordered list like this:

      <li>item 1</li>
      <li>item 2</li>
      <li>item 3  </li>

    Which can be created/edited using template variables in a document. The list items are different for each document, so obviously they have to be created rather than selected from a precreated list.


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      Could you perhaps not have a HTML Generic Tag TV with a <li> tag wrapped inside a Delimited List TV? Would that not work? I haven’t tried it.
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        Uh, how would the user enter in the different items?

        I was thinking of having a list set up like this:

        item 1 ||item 2||item 3 ... etc

        inside of a text box, which was a TV inside a document. I’m not entirely sure if I follow you huh
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          imarick, it’s true, you can do that. When you use one of the widget in TV, you can basically stated that the input will be in delimited format, and you can have the widget to format it into something, and you can even set the delimited char that you want to use.

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            Yeah, thats what I did at the start. The widget doesn’t seem to recognise the delimiter. Instead of a list I get "item 1,item 2,item 3" exported.

            Am I missing anything from the Template Variable screen?

            Variable Name: features
            Input Type: Text
            Widget: Delimited List
            Delimiter: ,