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    I have made a simple mod to the NewsListing snippet to give both the displayed articles and the archive links a separate ID so that I can apply styling to them (in my case I want them displayed side by side rather than one above the other).

    Maybe someone else will find it useful.

    Anyway, I changed 3 lines in the snippet:

    $output .= str_replace($fields,$values,$tpl);
    $output .= "<div id=’mainitems’>" . str_replace($fields,$values,$tpl) . "</div>";

    $output .= "<h3 class=\"nlArchtext\">$archtxt</h3>";
    $output .= "<div id=’otheritems’><h3>$archtxt</h3>";


    $output .= "</ul>";
    $output .= "</ul></div>";
    • Sounds like that’d be a good thing to add to the next iteration/release of the main Newslisting snippet, similar to the dropmenu wrapping div option. Thanks for contributing that!
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        I don’t thing that’s a good thing to do since there might be other elements of the page might be using something similar.

        The NewsListing snippet allows you to use a templat so I guess you could a modified templat with the approriate ids or class name.
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        • The archive listing is displayed outside of the template.

          However, it is a good idea to always have the default class and id names use the snippet name in some way to make it distinct, like nlMainItems and nlOtherItems.
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