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    I’m trying to have a template variable with the retail price and a template variable with the slashed price; is it possible to do some math on these numbers to find the percent discounted?
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      PHX has a math: modifier that I think would do it, but it would be much faster to just send the two TVs as parameters to a snippet and have the snippet do the math.

      Something like this (untested):

      Your discount is [[Discount? &retailPrice=`[*retailTV*]` &salePrice=`[*saleTV*]`]]%<br />

      In the Discount snippet:

      $diff = $retailPrice - $salePrice;
      $discount = $diff/$retailPrice;
      return($discount * 100);
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        This works perfectly for what I'm looking for. But how can I force it to round to nearest percent?
        i'm getting 24.057738572574% when i need 24%

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          You can modify Bob's example to include the PHP round() function:

          $diff = $retailPrice - $salePrice;
          $discount = $diff/$retailPrice;
          return(round($discount * 100));

          PHP documentation here: https://www.w3schools.com/php/func_math_round.asp