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  • Hey guys, probably a simple fix but I’ve been trying for an hour...

    I have modx 0.9.5 running on a virtual host at 1and1 and the file manager in the admin interface works fine, I have the file manager in the configuration set to :


    This allows me to see files and upload them fine in the manager.

    In the interface and features tab I have the following items set :

    Resource Path :


    Resource url :


    when I use a page that has a template variable of type "file" and I hit browse the browser comes up but I get an "error on page" and don’t see any of the files on the server.

    Like I said the admin browser works fine, its just when its an item in a page that uses a file template variable.

    Anyone have a clue ?


    When I edit a page that has a template variable of type file