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  • Hi

    I have read the last post about installation problems on Win XP. I have PHP 5.0.4, MySQL 5 and am running Apache 2.0.54 on XP Pro for the installation. I have manually created a modx database in MySQL using MySQL Administrator as well as a modx user. The user has all priviledges assigned for this database. Returning to installation page in my browser, i can’t get further than the connection information page. When i click on ’Test Connection’ the browser returns ’Testing connection...’ and don’t proceed further than this. When submitting the page and the one after about optional items i am left stranded on a blank page and the installation doesn’t proceed. Any assistance would be very much appreciated
    • You might try a more recent PHP build, as 5.0.4 has some odd issues assocaited with it... Other than that (and that’s a suggestion for all platforms) I’m clueless on IIS.
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      • Hi

        Thanks for your post and your quick reply. I upgraded to PHP 5.2.1 and all is working. Thanks for a great program.